Regathering Update

September 16, 2021 Update

Hello Church Family,

First off, God is good. We are reminded that the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving Jesus is building His church, you and me, and nothing can stand against Him.

Second, we want to communicate with you in light of the declared state of public health emergency and the new restrictions (CMOH Order 42-2021). After reviewing the current available information, it is clear to us that face masks are required when in the church building even on Sunday mornings. Therefore, when you come into the building we ask that you wear a mask or face shield, unless you have exemptions. We acknowledge that all of these new temporary restrictions are hard to adjust to and many of us have strong opinions one way or another. As we navigate yet another turn in the road, we ask that you continue to show the love and grace of Jesus to those you come in contact with, especially those who have different opinions and thoughts than you.

Third, our children's ministry will still start this Sunday and we will continue to move ahead in the paths we talked about last week at our Kickoff Service. Come join us onsite this Sunday so that you may be encouraged in our gathering together as the body of Christ and have opportunities to be an encouragement.

And finally, we know for many this is potentially a time of increased anxiety and fear. Here is our prayer: May you receive the all-encompassing, never-ending, peace of Christ which surpasses all understanding. May you, being rooted and established in love, have power to grasp the love of Jesus, which surpasses all knowledge. May you know the peace and the love of Jesus for yourself and for others, in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.


Pastor Greg, Pastor Amy, and Pastor Nate

P.S. We are available for prayer and encouragement, please let us know how we may serve you.

We know this season has been challenging and difficult for many. Thank you for your patience, prayers, and support throughout the ups and downs of this season.

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